Aion 4.5 Eternal Battlefield – Reward Information and Quests

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Rewards are given depending on participation, if you lose you only get Abyss Points.  If you win, you can obtain more that 60,000 Abyss Points and more.

Eternal Battlefield Introduction

Reward for the Winning team

You can obtain Abyss Points, Prestige Points, Fragmented Ceramium and a box.   The box contains random materials.

>Massive amount of Abyss Points

>100 Prestige Point(GP)

>9 Fragment Ceramium

>Box with Items

>>Always obtain

>>>10 Brilliant Flash Powder (material for crafting parts of the new siege weapons)

>>>10 Brilliant Crystal (material for crafting parts of the new siege weapons)


>>2 Ceramium Medals

>>Edie item

>>7 Perer Aether Jelly

>>15 recovery potions

>>15 retuned orders

Reward from Quests

3 different quests can be done in the battleground. All quests give Prestige Points and two of them are repeatable. Two quest give 40 Prestige points and one gives 10 prestige points.

>Ceramium Medals

>Prestige Points (GP) Repeatable quest

>Special Box, Repeatable quest (can have fragment ceramium or ceramium medal)


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Source: plaync; Heavens Reapers


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