Aion 4.5 Renewed Upper Abyss: Level 65

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Changes to the Abyss were made with 4.5 update on korea. Krotan, Miren and Kysis traditional sieges were done with players level 40-50 in mind, but now they were changed to accommodate the new level cap of 65. Lets look what was changed.

Fortress NPC Levels

First was changed the levels of all monsters in Krotan, Miren and kysis from level 50 to level 65. While you progress in the siege a configuration of players between level 60-65 must be configured. In addition, the level of the rewards was raised to compensate the new levels. Krotan, Miren and Kysis will reward the top 10 players of each class with 3 ceramium medals, 40 players will get 2 ceramium medals, 40 more players will get 1 ceramium medal and 100 people will get 2 mithril medals.  Additionally, the legion that conquers the fort will gain additional rewards.


1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade

4th grade


10 people

40 people

40 people

100 people


3 ceramium medals

2 ceramium medals

1 ceramium medal

2 Mithril Medals

Inside the fort a general merchant and legion warehouse will be placed.  During siege times the forts old defenses were change to cannons, only the legion that conquered the fort can use them and an item is needed to use them.


Changes to Artifacts

Artifacts are placed all around the Abyss, and in the Upper Abyss some changed names and stats and added 3 more artifacts.  Now artifacts are surrounded with a base style defense and a number of elite and non elite guards were placed around.  In addition, when its siege time siege cars will be placed around use them and take the artifacts.

Base surrounding the artifact

Kill the guardian to capture the artifact

Left map: old place of artifacts, Right map: added 3 more artifacts


New Level 65 Upper Abyss Instances

Miren, Krotan and Kysis will get new fort instances for the new level cap. Entry level is 61-65 and can be entered once a day. Entry time is reseted at 9am every day. Also was added a special instance for the conquering legion with better rewards.

Instances designed for level 65 players


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