Aion 4.5 KR Latest Update 25/09/2013

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Recent, minor update of 4.5 went live on Korean servers on 25th September 2013. It’s lower the difficult of “Impenetrable Bastion” (a 24-player instance), changes to some skills and siege rewards.



1. Difficult of “Impenetrable Bastion” was been reduced.

>>Now players will need less point to achieve higher grades at the end of the instance.

>>Placement and stats of some monsters have been changed.

>>Killing the Commander grands more points (17988 > 24000)

>>Amount of points players can lose in the instance is reduced to 10% of current amount lost

2. Exit point for some instances, which entrance required conquering the base, has been changed.



1. Gladiator skills: “Strengthen Wings” cooldown was reduced to 3 min.
2. Templar skills: Magic dmg of “Wave of Punishment” has been increased.
3. Ranger skills: Magic dmg of “Slowing Arrow” (?) has been increased.
4. Assassin skills:
5. Sorcerer skills: Effect of “Sleep” and “Curse of Roots” have been increased.
6. Spiritmaster skills: Magic dmg of stages 2 and 3 of accumulator skill “Wrath of Wildness” (?) has been increased.
7. Cleric skills: Magical effect of “Root” has been increased.
8. Chanter skills: Amount of Magical Acc raised with “Magic Mantra” V and VI have been increased to 50 and 60 points.
9. AetherTech skills: skills which are used after “boarding” the mech have now increased range to 6m.
10. and more


Reward for participating in successful siege were increased.


Fortress Before After
Tiamaranta 10 12
Gelkmaros / Ingisson 10 12
Divine Fotress 20 24
Upper Abyss? 10 12
Upper Abyss? 15 18
Lower Abyss 10 12

Quality of the rewards, send to legions after successful siege was increased.


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Source:Update 25th September 2013 on Korean PowerBook. Daeva's Report

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