What's New in Aion 4.5?

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This page will be kept updating. More information is coming soon! 

Aion 4.5 New Class Aethertech Introduction

Aion 4.5 Aethertech Basic Information

Aion 4.5 Aethertech Basic Skills and Stigma Tree

Aion 4.5 Aethertech Chain Combos

Aion 4.5 Aethertech Class Preview by Nobody

Aion 4.5 Aethertech Wallpapers

Aion 4.5 New Hairstyles

Aion 4.5 New Skills

Aion 4.5 Greater Stigma Upgrade System

Aion 4.5 New Honor Points System

Aion 4.5 New Abyss Armors

Aion 4.5- Hall of Fame

Aion 4.5 New Battleground: Eternal Battlefield- Rewards

Aion 4.5 New Instance: Protective Tower Rune

Drop Rate Changes (Old Instances)

Aion 4.5 Renewed Upper Abyss: Level 65
Aion 4.5 New Weapon: Keyblade

Aion 4.5 KR New Update (10/16/2013)

Aion 4.5 KR Update 25/09/2013

Aion 4.5 Test KR Patch Note

Aion 4.5 Official Wallpapers, Concept Arts and Screenshots

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