Aion 4.5 New Abyss Armors

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In the newest Aion 4.5 update not only Korean developers add new system to calculate higher Abyssal ranks (see: [Aion 4.5] New Honor Points system), but they also added new Abyssal gear for higher ranks. Check out few facts regarding these items and theirs stats with appearance! :)

  • Items can be worn by 4-Star Officers and higher
  • Items have several stats option for each classes (for example chain have version with magical or physical stats), tho they are not class restricted
  • Items have different resistance stats (for example some focus more on magical resistance and others on magic suppression
  • Items have 6 manastone slots and can be enchanted to +15
  • Some armours have different appearance (cloth / leather) depending on version of the armour
  • Abyssal Augmentation is possible – full lvl 2 Augmentation of armour costs 468,879 Abyss Points

Competing whole set activate set bonus with PvP stats

(BE AWARE!!! It’s “fan-made” translations of the stats and there may be some mistakes!!!)






Source: Daeva's Report; Aion 4.5 New Abyss Asmo and Elyos gear on Korean PowerBook.


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