A New Race in Aion?

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The battle for power across Aion's world of Atreia is currently fought between the clawed Asmodians, the light-winged Elyos, and the dragon-esque Balaur. But NCsoft Korea has posted a picture on the Korean forums teasing the entry of a fourth race to the mix. The line above the poster translates to, "A mysterious army begins to step forth from the shadows of the Abyss." And the text below the ominous red eyes reads, "The 4th race" followed underneath that by "Elyos, Asmodian, Balaur and ..." And what exactly?

Could a fourth race really be entering Atreia for good, and if so, will the race be NPC-based like the Balaur, or could a new player race actually be in the works? Or could this be just a special event? And what race could those eyes represent? According to the announcement, we'll know more come September 6th. Until then, feel free to leave your speculations in the comments below. And you can check out the entire poster after the break.

The new race is an event race in the abyss divided in four parts, in the first part you join an organization for this event and get a bunny hat, bunny outfit and 2 true red dye.

Source: Heavens Reapers; PlayNC

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