Aion 4.5 Greater Stigma Upgrade System

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Latest 4.5 introduced a new system which allows players to "upgrade" theirs Greater Stigmas to higher level without the need of buying a new item!

In Aion 4.5 players no longer need to buy a new ranks of theirs Greater Stigmas! Now they simple can upgrade them!

We will use Gladiator’s Shark Strike

But buy Shark Strike II players need to go to NPC and exchange his Shark Strike I + 6375 Abyss Points.

Players need to give back the lower level Stigma and pay the price differences between previous level and higher level. For example:

Shark Strike I costs 6875 AP
Shark Strike II costs 13250 AP

So if player give back the Shark Strike I, he has only to pay the difference – 6375 AP!

NPC who upgrades Greater Stigmas were added into the main cities


Source: Daeva's Report

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