Aion 4.5 Aethertech - Basic Information

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Aethertech Characteristics

Basic Attributes Power 100 / Health 100 / Agility 100 / Accuracy 100 / Knowledge 105 / Will 105
Available Weapons Blade Key/ Pistol
Available Armor Cloth / Leather / Chain
Class Features Secondary class of the Technist
Jump in the armor when ready to fight
Has both short and range attacks
Use Magic attacks
Chain armor for enmity
Wide area and frontal area skills to damage



Skills can only be used while sitting on the armor. Most of the attacks are magical, so magic boost and magic accuracy is important.


Animation when you cast the mech


Depending of the armor you are wearing, the mech will also change


Having short and range attacks can make a unique play style. Depending on the distance of the target you can approach him from a distance or go head to head with it.


Attacks on short range


Attacks on long range


Play Style

Role of the secondary tank. While inside the armor, the physical defense and damage are increased. Has some skills that will reduce the damage that it receives and the amount of MP used. In addition, it has skills to hold agro of the mobs in a wide area and on a frontal area. However it doesnt have heal skills or survival skills like the templar or the gladiator.


Some skills can reduce the damage taken and MP consuption


frontal area enmity skills


Short and Long range attacks

Most of the attacks can silence, stunt and have a small reuse time. This skills have charge effects.


Has a variety of melee attacks


Continuous long range attacks


Wide area and Frontal area damage skills

Many skills need to be at max 15 meters from the character and they have to be facing the target to make any damage. Can be very useful if you know how to use them.


Many wide area skills


Greater skills activate trough charge


Secondary weapon

Most of the skills you use need to be inside the mech. If you are not inside you are vulnerable and only have the basic skills of the technist. Boarding the mech takes 3 seconds.


Only basic technist skills can be used outside the mech


Depending on the gear you are using, the mech will change

Entering the mech will boost your stats, all food and buffs will still be active


Source: Heavens Reapers


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