Aion 4.5 Introduce New Class - Aethertch

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NCsoft has announced a new class coming to Aion in the game's 4.5 patch. It's called the Aethertech. This Technist utilizes magical mechanical mounts to unleash both short- and long-distance attacks, making it an ideal class to add to any raid, PvP or boss battle deep in the world of Atria. By pulsing aether through these armored suits, the Aethertech can form Gatling guns, rail guns, blades, electric whips, gigantic fists, and even rocket launchers to devastate their opponents.

Aion 4.5, featuring The Aethertech class, hits Korean test servers July 29 and will arrive on North American servers after the normal localization process.

Players, prepare to Suit Up!







Source: NCsoft press release

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