Aion 4.0 Steel Rose Instance

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Steel Rose is an new instance in 4.0 for players Lv61+1 avaible in Solo and Group (3 members) versions.


Not much is known about the Steel Beard Pirates except for the Steel Rake anchoring between Elysea and Asmodae. The Steel Rose, often veiled in secrecy, is now exposed in Pandarunerk’s Delve in Danaria. Sandarinrinerk from Goldrine Limited is building rapport with the pirates by offering supplies and trading crops in exchange for mercenary support. At the same time, she’s noticed some suspicious activity with the Steel Rose so she has dispatched a secret agent to investigate.

Basic Information

The entrance is located in South of Katalam. The instance is divided in 3 parts: Dock, Cabin and Deck and you can choose to play Solo or in Group.

Instances Size Admission NPC Re-entry time Lv
Dock 1 (solo) or 3 (group) Yucca Rong Resets at 9am (solo and group time-sharing) 61+
Cabin 1 (solo) or 3 (group) Kiko Deng Resets at 9am (solo and group time-sharing) 61+
Deck 3 (Group Only) Sat Churang Resets at 9am 61+


When doing in group you can get Steel Rose Pirate Set, when in solo mode you can get the Steel Rose Sailor Set.

There are new skills books for players Lv 64.

The Edies drop in both modes, solo and group.

Have another unique items also, like Souvenirs


Steel Rose Pirate Set


Steel Rose Sailor Set

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