Aion 4.0 New Extendable Weapons

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Aion 4.0 offers players a various ways to obtain their gear. One of them is craft, but beside “normal” crafted items players will be able to craft theirs own items with PvP-stats [check: 65 level Balic armors or extendable weapons!]

Check out how to craft your own extendable weapon!

That is more important to craft these weapons, you don’t have to be a weapon or handi crafter! Gather all materials and simple transform them your weapon! It’s one time process, so if you want to make another one, you need to gather all the materials again.

Materials needed:

1x “Piece of weapon” – drops randomly from “Sauro Supply Base” instance.

18x “The fierce battle of the powdered” – drops in instances: Hall of Knowledge (A-grade), Lunas Sanctuary (English name unknown) and Jorumungandius Bridge (English name unknown)

14x “Katalamize Regular” – drops from mobs in Northern / Southern / Underground Katalam

14x “Ancient Fragments” – drops from mobs in Underground Katalam

8x “Blade of Determination” – bought with Abyss Points from NPC in Underground Katalam

1x “Katalamize Processing Bar” – ?













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Source: Crafted extendable weapons on Korean PowerBook; Daeva's Report

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