Aion 4.0 New Region - Underground Katalam

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The 2nd update from 4.0 brought to us this complex maze full of structures. Entrance to the area from North Katalam and South Katalam and you need to be Level 65.



  • Need to be level 65 or more.
  • NPC that give quests and buy items from Ancient Coins
  • Lots of monsters that give Abyss Points.
  • Random chance of getting Ancient coins and Ancient Manastones.
  • Lots of quests to get Ancient coins.
  • Lunadium located at 12 o’clock and Katalamize located at 6 o’clock in the map.
  • All areas are PVP


Mobs can drop a variety of items


With Ancient Coins you can buy a variety of items


Entrance requirement

Players of level 65 or more can enter Katalam. Entrance to the North and South Katalam Instances can be found inside the forts.



North Katalam

South Katalam



Experiments not Tiamat grit of battlefield

Forgotten swamp

에레 warm southern gateway

Bidirectional pathway. Possible to come back to its opening


Article 73 and 75 Base

Article 83 Base

One-way passage. Occupation of each base races available

Shugo base



Bidirectional pathway. Pay Kinah and move to Underground Katalam relatively safe


Hall of Knowledge

Idgel Laboratory

Floating Warehouse

One-way passage. Rank D or higher in each instance to get rewards


How it looks the entrance to Katalam to the fields


The entrance to the base is generated once its occupied


Pandarungsted can be entered safely to trade


Katalam fortress instances will be open


Location of entrance to Pandarungsted, glide down to enter the area


How to move

Various entrance locations to Underground Katalam exist. Different entry’s for each location that connects to the underground. Use the close one to you. For example, to enter the instance Lunadium at 12 o’clock in the Underground Katalam its better to use the entrance located on the Base 75.


Entrance locations of North Katalam to the Underground


Entrance locations in South Katalam to the Underground


Entrance to specific places in the Underground

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