Aion 4.0 Solo Instance: Hall of Knowledge

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Basic Rank

Knowledge of Fame, depending on the time consuming and the score you obtained your rank will be granted and you will receive a compensation.

Rank Score Time Remaining Rank Basic Compensation Rank Package Rewards
30,481 points 18 minutes or more

Abyss Points 1402
Fort Tokens 12
Sera Hatred Medal 1

Reward package of Fame
22,252 points 16 minutes or more Abyss Points 1020
Fort Tokens 1
Fragmented Sera Hatred Medal 3
Reward package of Valor
15,394 points 14 minutes or more Abyss Points 892
Fort Tokens 1
Fragmented Sera Hatred Medal 3
9,908 points 6 minutes or more Abyss Points 765
Fort Tokens 1
7,165 points 2 minutes or more Abyss Points 382
Fort Tokens 1
Less than 7,165 points 0 minutes - -

*If you are in the legion that conquers the fort, the rewards will be more.

Featured Basis

Instance Name Entry Conditions Admission Personnel Admission Level Re-entry Time
Hall of Knowledge Chamber Ruth Fort (Located North of Katalam) If entire race conquers it. 1 person Lv. 65+ Resets Daily at 9 A.M.
Knowledge of Fame Chamber Ruth Fort(Located North of Katalam) If your legion conquers it. 1 person Lv. 65+ Resets Daily at 9 A.M.


As you can see above that there are two different name of instances if either Elyos/Asmodians conquers the fort anyone can run the solo instance, now there is this one “Knowledge of Fame” if your legion conquers it let’s say “Heavens Reapers” conquers the fort and you are in the fort you will get a little more reward if you are in the legion.

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