EU Aion City Festival from 6th - 27th February

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Every year, while the Koreans have a New Year's festival, Atreia celebrates its very own City Festival. This year, the City Festival will take place between the 6th to 27th of February in EU Aion.

During the festivities however, not everything is running smoothly: The Shugo flu is spreading and lots of helpers are bedridden. The remaining Event Staff got their hands full with obtaining materials (like Comet Powder and White Ribbons) for the festival in time.

Help the Event Staff and receive coins as a reward. You can redeem these coins by visiting Glaion (Sanctum) or Adole (Pandaemonium) for temporary costumes you can wear on the City Festival.

City Festival - Event details

As you have noticed, we have activated the City Festival Event. To provide you with more information, but still keep it brief enough to not spoiler everything, here is a small description of the event.

The quests

In each city, there are four daily quests you can accept, given by four NPCs in each city.
The Quest NPCs for Asmodians are: Theon, Lekna, Teira and Meskam.
The Quest NPCs for Elyos are: Phiorina, Muriel, Draphios, Enper.

Collect the requested items for the NPCs and receive a Millenium Token which can be redeemed at the Festival Gift Giver (Adole for Asmo, Glaion for Elyos) for temporary skins.
Additionally, you can receive temporary titles and costumes via these daily quests.

Location of the NPCs


The NPCs are spread on the market street.


The NPCs are standing at the broker.

One More Quest - Silver lumps:
If a mob drops silver lump, keep them for a follow-up quest.
The Aionarmory detail:

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