Aion 4.0 (KR) IU Live Concert

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Korean pop singer IU will have her own live concert in-game and will take place on 27th January, 2013!

How to enter live concert hall:
In the capital of each race, special portals will be spawned. Live concert starts at 20 PM and portals will allows players to enter one hour earlier. Unfortunately concert hall space is limited and each entrance will allow only 50 players to enter, up to 200 players overall – so first come first serve. Also players under 25 level won’t be able to enter. Also players will receive special gifts like dance emotes, fireworks ect.

Live concert:

Inside “Live concert hall” players are not allowed to duel, cast spells, fly, summon pets/spirits, use items ect. If player can't watch live concert, he can leave and re-enter concert hall with the help of NPC.

Also there will be competition for the best story/photo about the live concert. Also players who wasn't able to watch concert in-game will be able to see in on the website.

Source: PlayNC, Daeva's Report

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