1.9 Feature Guide -- Other Changes

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Other Changes

- Dungeons

After 1.9 there are no pre-requisite quest requirements in order to gain entry in to an Instance. There is still a level requirement associated with Instances. New items have been added, drop rates have been increased, and new drops have been added for some.
For more details about changes to instances, see the Instanced Dungeon section of the 1.9 Patch Notes.

- Cheaper Flights

Flight costs have been reduced to help lessen your kinah burdens. Here are some examples, but keep in mind that this will vary depending on the influence ratio.

Flight Path Old Cost New Cost
Morheim Ice Fortress  Alsig 1,822 1,176
Morheim Ice Fortress  Salintus 1,139 735
New Heiron Gate  Arbolu’s Haven 2,050 1,323
New Heiron Gate  Heiron Observatory 1,822 1,176
New Heiron Gate  Jeiaparan Village 2,619 1,691

- Item Repurchase

Have you ever accidentally sold an item?

All Vendors now have a Repurchase tab, which allows you to buy a sold item back. Sold items are no longer available for repurchase after you log out or are disconnected.

- Soul Healing

The cost of Soul Healing has been reduced considerably, although the prices will still vary depending on location and your level.


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