1.9 Feature Guide -- Grouping with Ease

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Grouping with Ease

Finding a Group just got a lot easier with the 1.9 Update. Use the new Find Group window (Shift + V) to Recruit and Seek out Group and Alliance members.

Chat can still be used, as before, but now a notice will automatically be listed in the Find Group window.

1. Find Group Open the window using Shift + V
2. Send Offer Make a post including text to describe your purpose and assign Group or Alliance
3. Listing Area Displays all current listings. Double-click on a listing to see player info and apply for a group or right-click on the listing for options.
4. Auto Search when window is closed Turn on this feature to find out when any listings have been added or modified. A Search icon will be placed near your Quickbar and will flash when anything is updated. Click on the icon to re-open the Find Group window.
5. Apply for Group If you are seeking to join a Group, make a post here so others can invite you to their Group.
6. Search Options

Group: Displays Recruit Group and Apply for Group posts.

Alliance: Displays Recruit Alliance and Apply for Alliance Posts

Always Display my post: Always displays posts by you or a member of your Group/Alliance in green

Auto Search when window is closed: Automatically continues to search after exiting the window and notifies you when there are any new or updated posts in the listing.

Level: Define the minimum and maximum level range. Levels outside of the range are excluded from the search

Class (Apply for Group tab only): Choose a class to search for

Keywords: Search for posts containing keywords

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