1.9 Feature Guide -- Gathering and Dismantling

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Gathering and Dismantling

Extract Vitality is now known as Essencetapping and Extract Aether is now known as Aethertapping. There have also been several other changes worth noting.

Brilliant Aether being Dismantled

- Become an Expert

When your skill level reaches 399 and you are level 50, you can visit the Essencetapping or Aethertapping Master to complete a Quest, pay a fee, and become an Expert. Once you become an Expert your skill level will be raised to the new maximum of 499.

- Dismantling System

A dismantling system was added, which allows for a high-grade resource to be broken down in to 3 lesser resources with a simple double-click. Items that can be dismantled are marked as Bundled Items.

Dismantling of Aether

Brilliant Aether  (double-click)  Pure Aether

Pure Aether  (double-click)  Greater Aether

Greater Aether  (double-click)  Aether



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