1.9 Feature Guide -- Armsfusion

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You can now combine two-handed weapons to transfer some of the attributes of one item to another. 
Greatswords, polearms, orbs, spellbooks, staffs, and bows are all two-handed weapons that can now be combined. Combining weapons transfers some of the Secondary weapon’s stats, options, and all manastone slots to the Primary weapon. The Secondary weapon is destroyed in the combining process and must be of equal or lower level than the Primary weapon. The combining process can also be undone, restoring the primary weapon to its original state.
Facts about Armsfusion and Armsbreaking:
 Both Primary and Secondary must be the same weapon type
 After fusion, weapons cannot be sold, traded, or stored
 The Secondary weapon must be equal or lower level than the Primary
 The Secondary weapon is destroyed and lost forever
 The fused weapon can be broken to recover the Primary weapon to its original state. This is called Armsbreaking.

What carries over?

 10% of the Attack (Melee or Magic) value of the Secondary weapon
 Any stat bonus from the secondary weapon that the primary does not have already
 Any stat bonus from the Secondary weapon that is better than what the primary already has
 Manastone sockets from BOTH weapons
 Socketed Manastones from BOTH weapons
 The Godstone from the Primary weapon is kept. If the Secondary weapon has a Godstone it will be destroyed
 Maintains the appearance of the Primary Weapon
Visit an Armsfusion Officer in the Capitol Cities to begin.

- Elyos NPC Location



- Asmodian NPC Location



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