Aion 1.9 Korean Patch Preview

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Aion 1.9 Korean Patch Preview

Update Schedule

The important meeting about Aion future plan has been bold NCsoft's Korean headquarters with a press conference with over 60 invited journalists taking place at the same time. It's confirmed that the level cap will be raised to 55 in V2.0, and the pets only for spectator (used to be shown in the vision trailer) will be added to V2.0.Aion 2.0 releases in May. Aion 1.9 is supposed to be updated by the middle of March. Just one thing unconfirmed right now is that whether Aion 1.9 on March is only available to Korea players.

[UI] new LFG interface

Looking for group (LFG) functionality improvements.。

[UI] vendor buyback

[UI] new movable quickbars added

Numerous user interface improvements.

[Character] new skills

New skills for every class (including new skills specifically for countering stun attacks)

At level 40, every class can learn a skill that you use to avoid stun/stumble/aether hold for a short time (buffs resistance to stun). at level 48, you learn a skill that dispels right away and you immediately counter-attack.

[Character] new stats

a. clerics will have a new stat that increases healing power , b. spells will be able to crit now , c. magical crit resistance/defense added to the game , d. physical crit resistance/defense added to the game ,

[Items] 2-handed weapon combine

A mechanic that allows two two-handed weapons to be combined to create one more powerful two-handed weapon

[Items] Max item enchantment increased to +15

[Items] New Item Shop

Open new item shop with new costumes and new wings.from level 20, you can change your clothing appearance and get new wings.

[Items] luxurious dress for asmodians

- asmodians -Male


- asmodians -Female

[Items]sexy dress for asmodians

-asmodians -Male



[Items] luxurious dress for elyos



[Items]cute dress for elyos




[system] Energy of Salvation

- Saving energy

new features to help you level faster。

- Increased ease of moving

more places you can return to (set your bind point) and fly to

- Increase items drop rates

higher drop rates in major instances and some new items will be added

- Items Rental Service

you can "rent" items at a low price

-new budget abyss items

you can only buy with AP (only blue quality items shown), no medals needed

[Quest] new daily quests

Dozens of daily quests with different objectives and rewards ,you can do them once per day and you're awarded like the coin quests.

[instance] Dredgion enhancements

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